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Twitter: capturing basic info about all your followers

04 November 2022

Capturing your follower's basic info so you make sure you follow them wherever you go next!

VIS 2021 Recap

10 December 2021

A practitioner-focused roundup from the IEEE VIS 2021 virtual conference.

VIS 2020 Recap

09 December 2020

A practitioner-focused roundup from the IEEE VIS 2020 virtual conference.

Making Virtual IEEE VIS

18 November 2020

A little write-up of how we built the IEEE VIS virtual website experience.

Personal blog posts

Red light study

10 September 2022

Every red light on a 30mi bike ride.

"How's it going?"

12 March 2022

Trying to productive when it is difficult, it doesn't go so well...

Alper status the last few weeks

23 June 2021

CW: miscarriage

Remembering Ivy

05 November 2020

Two nights ago, we lost our pet cat Ivy of 10 years quite suddenly.

Time for action

27 August 2020

This below video is not acceptable on any level for any police department, but the events of the past months have shown that it is emblematic.